Supreme Righteous

by Soul Khan

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excuse me, can i get an ear from you?
nah, fuck it, just a bucket for a tear or two
how can i be spiritual
when i am stuck in here with you?
you ain’t got the answers, son,
i’m looking for akira’s room

i'll drink a beer with you
and contemplate on what’s real
taking me for granted,
well, i guess that’s how the sun feels
the bassline and rhythm are my spacetime continuum
i won’t stop for nothing like keanu at the buswheel

gimme that word of mouth, time to tell a few friends
i’m mr. ehrmantraut tying up my loose ends
you the lack the minerals and vitamins and gluten
q throwing bishop off the roof, that’s a juice cleanse

see to the desperate,
it’s effortless to sell a dream,
so shorty, make it drop like my self esteem
these other dudes are just overly developed memes
they’re sockpuppets, son, i tell you what the hell i mean

so please give me that flame
just a flicker of light
and i’mma give you the same
i’mma get this shit right
this might be the one,
it’s still dope if it ain’t
and my time hasn’t come
but i hope that it waits


y’all wanna get turnt up?
well i’m getting burnt out
so open your purse up
we're going to church now
aint nothing to purchase
to make you feel worthwhile
i’ve come with a purpose
got game like it’s earthbound

it’s not what you think like
she's pulling her skirt down
homie, this that feeling in your gut before the alien bursts out
the book of genesis can’t mess with my sperm count
and fucking with my mona lisa’s nothing to smirk 'bout

my rhyme style's way more fly than my lifestyle
but neither one can shine as bright as my wife’s smile
when bringing home the bacon is your single motivation
it's like you gotta starve to keep this shit highbrow

the only man to skinny dip in a sarlac
with hardly a part scratched
i'm trying to get around like willie nelson's guitar strap
so hand me my contract
i'll sign it in cognac



released January 15, 2014
Produced by Walker Swain



all rights reserved


Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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