Hugo and Rufus

by Soul Khan

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Christian (Pablo) Lundin-Johnson
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Christian (Pablo) Lundin-Johnson Nobody can match the same sound and skill Soul Khan has, 4 amazing tracks on a EP about 2 dogs. Favorite track: Jon Hamm.
Esoligh thumbnail
Esoligh Soul Khan is a very dope rappin' rapper. One of my favourites. Gotta enjoy what he presents here. Some great ideas with fresh beat selection. Grateful for this! Favorite track: Jon Hamm.
Spencer Torrico
Spencer Torrico thumbnail
Spencer Torrico This song, and the whole album in general, is so well crafted it's a wonder how the entire populace of the world over doesn't know of Soul Khan by now.
This album is a fantastic mix of lyricism and melody. The skill put into the lyrics is rivaled by none. There isn't one Soul Khan song that I've listened to and not smiled and thought "damn that is one clever reference, I wonder how many people understood that".
This 4 track album is no different. A must have. Favorite track: Jon Hamm.
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Inspired by and dedicated to, but not necessarily about my two incredible dogs, Hugo and Rufus.


released January 26, 2016

Beats: Deejay Element
Mixdown: DJ Brace and Tenacity
Art: Brenden Goodcuff



all rights reserved


Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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Track Name: Jon Hamm
God damn,
Y’all couldn’t do this
But Khan can
Try to ignore me
But that shit is corny
I'll blow up at forty like Jon Hamm

[Verse 1:]
Now lift up your palm like you’re
Picking a star from
A system that’s far far away
Any position, division, or conference
I will still rip it like Jesse Katsopolis

This shit is Bosch
No, not Chris,
It's Hieronymous
Painter translation: this picture's preposterous
You'd get an Oscar to say this is progress
And last I checked, Oscar still lives in the garbage

Why can't every day be Christmas in Hollis?
My spirit animal's a miniature dachshund
That taught me to sniff through the business and politics
Deep as a Christopher Wallace breath

They dig in your pockets
And leave you with nothing but lint and a promise
And pink slips are all you get
Please get me a Dogfish Head
Cool, now I'm Super like Nintendo Chalmers


[Verse 2:]
Lately, I’m haunted by terrible thoughts
That make me want to holler ‘til Jericho drops
Like how many days does young TerRio got
If his parent don’t stop him from eating his way

To a burial plot with a cherry on top
Oo killem, you will if you share it and watch
Then click on a pic of an areola
and ask what that mouth do like a periodon
Tist tsk
You bury your conscience
Keep telling yourself that the babies don't watch us
You stare at the box that created these monsters
These kids ain't grown up right like Haley Joel Osment

Turn the monitors and radios off
If we're going downhill, get your sleighs and toboggans
But back in the fourth grade, my pulse rate would pulsate
Thinking what I would do to Amy Jo Johnson


[Verse 3:]

Give something, get something like justice
Ride round town on a muddy white cutlass
The horse not the car
Act funny like douglas
Abortion your thoughts with the front of my musket

Lo fi pacinos got no time to reload
We don’t like the g-code we go by bushido
Got an ace up my sleeve like a low life casino
My crew is all moonwalkers, no time for Titos

I remember one kid stole my Dorritos
Said one day he would make it snow by the kilo
Now my taste’s developed, I’m so Sausalito
So don’t crown my head, please just stovepipe my genome

The same mind that memorized that four score and seven
But still never jeopardized any scoreboard in Tekken
Before your inception, we listened to the griot
If you want the grigio, put a cork in your questions

Track Name: Hugo
[Verse 1:]
Ladies and gentlemen
I am great as I’ve ever been
I ain't playing it tentative
You must be high as my rent if
You think that I ain't the messenger from the ivory entrances
Sent as divine intervention
Psych, it's Satan, His Eminence

Word to the wise,
If you were wise,
You would lurk inside of a panic room
Tight as a granite tomb
Your attitude’s too lateral
And I’ve got a bad case of the Bruce Banner blues

And some Zoolander moves
They say I’m hot as Hansel
My darling's not a damsel
She’s stronger than an anvil
That wrought a sword that brought a boy named Arthur to his castle
Yeah, my body's thin
So's the straw that killed the camel

Smart enough to handle
Jon Stewart with the banter
But with this ring, I feel like John Stewart with the lantern
If he conjured a ladder
Up to parkour to Saturn
I'm taking every pog you got with my slammer

Back on the block
Where my dog does his business
He shows me love, so I toss him the biscuit
Y'all got it twisted
I mean my actual dog
Yo, this track’s for my dog
That's Hugo

Back on the block
Where my dog does his business
And his mama got the raw in the kitchen
Y'all got it twisted
I mean my actual dog
Yo, this track’s for my dog
That's Hugo

[Verse 2:]
I earn less for these flows than I deserve
‘Cause I'm earnest like “know what I mean, Vern”
But when me and Element combine, you gon’ throw up your Eberts
We take this shit here back like AOL keywords

Got no part learning my role
I'm Bogart burning a stoge
You're Joel, Tom Servo and Crow
I’m so R. Murrow to these Joe Scarboroughs
All I see around me are goats, gods, sherpas, and snow

A hipster writer try to put me in a box that I dont fit inside of?
Needs to get his timex checked
Before I sing a lil’ and his lady's thighs get wet
‘Cause she can tell I eat it with a dinette set

I'm like the last mink alive rocking human skin
With a crucifix made out of a used syringe
So while you sell your soul
I write an Elder Scroll on a skooma binge
Now say I aint the truth again

Track Name: Chill Type
[Verse 1:]
Welcome to the nation of a million
When you feel afraid of someone you can kill em from home
Whether it's your backyard or theirs
Ain't nobody cares
If they ain't got the same color skin as your own

Without a doubt about who lives and who dies
With zero tolerance and infinite pride
We're the honest and the innocent side
Unless your kid's face is like Jordan Davis or Renisha McBride

So how you gonna talk about the kindness of a stranger
When the value of my property's the whiteness of my neighbor?
From Long Island to Decatur
Y’all dying for the paper
Trying to break the line between the buyers and the savers

American dream’s dangling so high
Over their heads like a pair of Adidas
Hanging off of phone wires
C’mon, Soul, that imagery's so tired
But so am I of new tears welling up under old eyes

My man said chill
I ain't the chill type
Fuck what you feel like
This is real life
Fuck what you feel like
This is real life
Fuck what you feel
This the real

[Verse 2:}
We built this city on a hill around a rumor
That disappeared as quick as Hiro Nakamura
Home is where the heart is and the children are our future
So we open up a charter school to filters out the losers

It feels like kamasutra
You’re thoroughly fucked
But Paul Ryan thinks y'all whining
And not working enough
But your wages are downs
Even when earnings are up
Man, his mama shoulda swallowed him as sperm in her guts

And If you really don’t believe we need a government
Then why elect you as someone who’d be running it
That’s just as dumb as it sounds
But if you fuck with it
You’re even dumber or just a glutton for punishment

So my apologies, no diss to the fans,
Who might dismiss this as just a typical rant
It's been inscripted in strands of my genetic code
So I can't let it go,
Son, I spit what I am,
And that's the real

Track Name: RUFUS
[Verse 1:]
I've been Soul Khan since I was a tenth grader
When my membrane was about as zen as Eren Yeager's
Now I set flames in the inkwell like Larenz Tate
With a pen game that ain't no center's Dekembe'ing

If you're acquainted with what's dope, I'm your favorite
If I'm not, that's an oversight, ain't it? But that ain't no surprise
My generation was never trained to keep hope alive
So my flow is like a wave illustrated by Hokusai

One of the Cohen tribe
No, I ain't Lyor
People love Steve Jobs
And sleep on the stevedores
You're just a firecracker trying to act like you're C4
Lil’ homie, you're just keeping my seat warm

You trying to Mr. Cooper with me?
Y’all too rudimentary
I’ll put to you gently
It’s like I’ve got a pseudoephedrine-boosted
Super human memory that I use
To view a loop of every move that anyone could ever use against me

So I gotta Enron 'em
Drop a Gem on 'em
John McClane with the lighter, climbing through the vents on 'em
Never been on Flex but every line is still a Flex Bomb ‘em
Fuck it, FBI special agent DMX on ‘em

(here we go again)

'Cause these days, the bar's lower
Than the blades of a lawnmower
Ain't an adjective to capture me, dude
I raise the curve like a capital U
Up in a Mars rover, bumping Mars Volta 'til the stars nova


I feel like Rufus on that grain free
Superhuman, I’m Akuma if you play me
It ain’t cheap but I paid the price
If you pray tonight
Say another for anybody who ain’t me

[Verse 2:]

I feel like Rufus on that grain free
Oh, you’re cooler than an AC?
Cool, I make a flame freeze
Make a blade bleed
And make ‘em change Genesis so it says they made me on day three

When you listen to Soul, you get a feeling
Reminiscent of when they turned mold to penicillin
And those who never built what they own just get bewildered
‘Cause what I wrote is etched into stone in every pillar

And a lot of y’all have been supportive
But the woman in my corner is the brick and mortar
So if you think that I would push my business forward
Ahead of my Mrs., you are misinformed
Forget a bullet, I would take a fucking missile for her

Being a man's more than not getting killed
Like bringing my half when we got rent and bills
But I guess I just deal with it like Tek and Steele
‘Cause I never ran and I never will