Soulstice II

by Soul Khan

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sequel to the first; just wait til the third


this ain't a letter like the first part
far as my body of work, I'd probably prefer, you'd just call it a birth mark
got crooked teeth, but my shirt's starched and looking clean
so fuck a book or street, i'm earth smart

i had to slow it up for those that couldn't work hard
enough to catch it without crashing out like they were earnhardt
yeah I gave my debut away without a surcharge
had to drop a classic before the day that my hearse parked

so for now i'm still sweating off these economic aspects
like i'm eating rappers, but not eating off of rap yet
i still kick it even if i'm kneeling on my last leg
but love ain't enough for you to keep an honest man fed

i feel like I been living in between the lines of scrimmage
cause peace of mind ain't something that they teach in my religion
well, i guess i got a sabbath to recover
but lately i been looking up and asking for another


bless the breeze, I felt hotter than santa fe
bombarded by gamma rays in bottles of tanqueray
fine, y'all sit on the couch, get lost in a madden game
while opportunity knocks like saints of a latter day

i got my father's green eyes to see the outside world
so it's funny that they tugged me toward a brown eyed girl
i'm growing out my curls and letting my beard go
a rock star but far from a guitar hero

if my fingers were faster, maybe i'd have been a billy joel
c'mon son, now really, who you kidding soul?
cause I assess my regrets and how I missed my goals
if I had a simple flow, i'd probably be on interscope

i promised y'all the moment you downloaded my record and
I swear to never break that vow for an executive
ease up, this ain't no showdown or reckoning
just thought this would be a nice time for checking in


released December 29, 2010
the beat's just a loop i made of two sections of two versions of the little comets' "isles." buy their album on itunes. they're great.



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Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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