Resolution EP

by Soul Khan

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No main topic, just blood on the dance floor, and perhaps every other floor.


released September 6, 2011

produced by marink
executive produced by j57 and soul khan
mixed by audible doctor


all rights reserved



Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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Track Name: The Voice

well this time i got a different grudge
like a hit man with a list that's written in blood
i understand the man sam kinison was
infuriated by the things these idiots love

i used to never lace my timberlands up
til i stumbled down to reality with a sickening thud
my nose bloody, nobody giving a fuck
and the stars silent like i wasn't wishing enough

opportunity's a stripper, you can tip her a buck
but without the scrilla, no permission to touch
this is the kind of drum line that reminds me of group home
nodding while i'm polishing a pile of chewed bones

this ain't the battle rapper with the file that you know
soul about to turn your oldest child to juno
astounded i'm allowed within a mile of school zones
i'm not a stick in the mud, i am your tombstone


this is the voice that made a frightened by into a man
this is the voice that led her to me so we'd join in hands
this is the voice that creates violence or slays tyrants
and taken me as far as any voyage can


i take the blunt approach as if i was under oath
got my balls and my word, shorty you can suck 'em both
buck 'em with a thunderbolt and funnel coke
into any hipster honey hungry with a scummy throat

that's outlandish, but damn it if i'm wifing 'em though
had a true love, but truth was, my mind couldn't hold
enough space for her and music, wouldn't let it turn abusive
sort of like a castration, had to lighten the load

what, am i supposed to wave and bow
for the little paper that i'm making now?
hold on just a second while i take account
of the costs and benefits, while i fondly reminisce, of dreams of eating geena davis out

i developed in a cellar like i'm sloth fratelli
now i'm elegant as pegasuses on pirellis
i prefer to kill a mockingbird to machiavelli
so that explains why this kid's the sickest, yo, i'm sorry, telly

Track Name: Lord Khan Almighty f Big Chief and Akie Bermiss
big chief:

this aint miami coke rap
i aint claiming im pitching base like sandy koufax
i'll leave your rep on the coat rack
this rorschach with no mask, better known as walter kovacs so hold that

chief running bull, charging at the matador
play the game loyal while you front about your madden score
handle yours or get touched by the hand of thor
hand to god you'll be sleeping with the albacore

this is the league, world series of rap
the brown baggin brown bandit commandeering a track
get roped by the lasso and thrown to the gravel
dress for long winters it gets cold in my shadow

from the long barrel the iron speaks
iron chief cut from the same cloth as iron sheik
bbas surgeon generals warning
may cause the loss of genitals in grown men


i said one side
'fore I have to get unkind
cut you like you're a lunchline
watch your intestine unwind
pick your motherfuckin guts up off the floor
like lord khan almighty
i don't want no more
motherfucker, motherfucker

soul khan:

whether you blacker than akon, a cracker like kreayshawn,
hispanic or asian, you're happy to say, "khan
is probably the rawest since the passing of ason
unique," this is child's play, pass me the crayons

i'm several levels higher than where icarus dropped
so you ain't playing with my paper 'less it's scissors and rocks
got a mami on me kissin on my ticklish spots
with a following from rotterdam to kids from iraq

now that's some real shit for my big homie, moussa
i told him i'd be planning something big for the future
to prove that i am liver than anyone you admiring
i'll rip the veins from my arms and use em like a violin

i'll sever my genitals like they got buc fiftied
dismember em and shred em with an ox cut swiftly
set my balls on fire like god, son's grizzly
just to let you know that you can not fuck with me


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