Psalm EP

by Soul Khan

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simple answers to complicated problem


released December 11, 2012

raps by soul khan
beats by abnormal except deejay element on "not like that"
hooks sung by akie bermiss, arthur lewis, nicholas ryan gant, and then all three of them in beautiful unison
mixed by audible doctor
artwork by riki takaoka



all rights reserved


Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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Track Name: The Machine f Akie Bermiss

i don’t want my baby born
with a heart that’s made of chrome
we all feel connected, we all feel so alone
i got lost in the screen
turn off the machine


i don’t want my baby born
with a heart that’s made of chrome
we all feel so connected, we all feel so alone
got lost in the screen
forgot what it means
to turn off the machine
so shut it, shut it down


i always felt like i’m kind of an uncommon man
been vibing on the jam since mama got a sonogram
i stay moving like a wanted man that shot a man
while i’m looking for the promised land in a dollar van

they can’t shake me like i’m wavy off klonopins
so if you hate me, you can say it to my hologram
i ain’t got a fuckin clue why they fuck with you
i’m irresistibly gripping like koala hands

well, it’s sad cause they proved my suspicions
they only feed a hungry man food for religion
but how is tom cruise getting booed by the christians
who let a faith healer say he’s moved by a vision?

well, this for the girl that’s really got a hold on me
the younger me that thought there’d never be an older me
the folks that were old enough to grow up with a rotary
and youngins that were busted in the ovary to jodeci



lemonade was a popular drink
said the ghost of a guru in a bottle of ink
but no matter who i outwit, y’all mad about my outfit
sheeeit, y’all don’t ever tell the models to think

you’re trying to critique all of soul khan’s clothes
‘til you’re lying at my feet like you’re voltron’s toes
say tomato? i’ll hit you with a to-ma-to
fuck a double time, i’mma rhyme brokaw slow

i’m contrary
like selling jordans for starburys
and even more since i got married
trying to bury all the spirits i’ve been plagued with and make sense
of the questions that i been wrestling since i got hairy

i don’t rock with you fashionistas
son, it’s on like the contras and sandinistas
i will crush any obstacle that’s between us
and take your heads as a pledge of your fans' allegiance

Track Name: Morning Alone f Nicholas Ryan Gant

her family is three cats
a picture of her dead husband
regrets nothing
and she means that
because she wanna be something
other than
the other half
of another man
why repeat that?

she’s got her own life now, she sleeps alone right now
every day’s a weight lifted off her bones right now
can’t let her friends know right now
It's only been a month; how’d you let him go right now?

she lost him
when it was a tossup between
a ventilator and a paper saying do not resuscitate him
her world detonated
to dust
she snuck away and lit up something that was mentholated
and puffed

they wanna stand by the widow
only when she sags like a willow
but she almost laughs at the casket like,
“now why the hell i have to buy a dead man a pillow?”


they say this is the hard part
the wounds that never close
and even if they don’t scar
everyone still knows

so she waits
so she waits between space
and the taste of the morning alone
so she waits, she waits
so she waits between space
and the taste of the morning alone


now she’s wondering
where’s the long term struggle
the only thing buggin her’s
the crossword puzzle
what’s a five letter word
you’re supposed to feel
when a loss has occurred
but before you’ve healed

that’s grief,
but it’s still not taking
effect in her chest
so she still not breaking
might say she’s a still life painting
put her anywhere
but she’s still not changing

cafe, coffee from malta
ashtray lookin like the rock of gibraltar
thinking bout the path they walked from the altar
her shrink tried to put her onto cymbalta

that’s for depressed folks
might as well have told her ass to take a mentos
and get ghost
‘cause she ain’t had a tear roll
eyes dry as the pearls in her ear lobes, where’d she get those

that was for their anniversary
before the surgery
he said he fought worse back in germany
“don’t worry,”
he said, “it’s not gonna stop me”
i’ll be back for the crosswords and coffee

she tried to sip but her bottom lip’s trembling
remembering what she probably should have said to him
that’s a chance that she’s never gonna get again
then it settles in and she breaks down

Track Name: Rusted Ghosts f Arthur Lewis

i remember my mother pleading
telling me that this meeting with a needle wasn’t needed
it would leave me "a disease
if they didn’t just sterilize it
the hiv or the hepatitis"
your generation is biased
you’ll see it when it’s completed

she’s saying she didn’t have to
i’m saying it’s just a tattoo
on my skin, but she made the kid that the skin’s attached to
"but what if they won’t have you in a jewish grave?"
well you can take them foolish ways and bury me beneath a buddha statue

i was surprised to find some friends were opposed
"like what about when you get wrinkled into stretches and folds?"
but if i never take a step i could regret when i’m old
then my regrets’ll be the only thing that i’ll ever hold

so i slid in the chair, palms clutching the arms of it
my whole body was probably limp as a sock puppet
used to fear the pain, now it’s one of my favorite parts of it
'cause there ain’t nothing more beautiful than the scar from it


some hear the voices
inside of their head
but i had mine
inscribed in my flesh
they realign me when i am depressed
at least i know what they’ll read when i’m dead

open and close,
let it flow through your nose,
or your little lungs might forget how to breathe
those rusted ghosts
made a home on your shoulders
and you can trust that they’ll never leave


"and the just man rages
in the wilds where lions roam"
the first tat on my right rib, from the flyest poem
of william blake, when i was still afraid i'd die alone
and i was getting wasted every day like styrofoam

left arm's john henry, hammer in hand
a tribute to the indisputable impact of a man
and that the united states is a graveyard of slaves
but only some of us are eating off the fat of the land

my right arm’s the grasshopper
from the fable of aesop
that sang songs while the ants labored and saved stock
of food for the winter, too cool to consider
he steadily succumbed to starvation as they watched

that colony of ants was responsible, right?
but they ain’t ever sang a motherfucking song in their life
and those are just a couple of the tats that i got
I’ll holler at you when I”m back from the shop

Track Name: Van Gelder f Akie Bermiss, Arthur Lewis, and Nicholas Ryan Gant

i stayed awake 'til my mission became
a mosaic of blood on my wall
then i reawakened amazed that it faded
faded to nothing at all
it said
we're gonna run through the streets with torches
of burning tabloid magazines
and then maybe one day we'll rebuild the real
from shreds of exploited fantasies


free bird, never meddle with the poultry
shine too bright, better get a set of Oakley’s
got heart like a sentimental oak tree
son sold horse til they sent him to the Pokey

some count sheep just to get a little mo’ sleep
i only do it for the benefit of bo peep
my killa tape’s worth more than your real estate
i kill a snake with the venom in its own teeth

smooth like the new lou rawls
but they wanna see ratchets and them Youtube brawls
if you feel what I feel like a voodoo doll
then tiny dancer, let me take your tutu off

one touch from the wushu claw
would probably turn these dumb fucks into moo shu sauce
it’s a wonderful life until you’re under the ice
i’m just here to find the medicine for zuzu’s cough



no no don't blame me
i'm just a mild mannered bystander hummin like do remi
you sellin showcase dreams
i'm helpin old ladies
so if jimmy needs a kidney i'mma donate three

but i only got two of them
so that means you and them
probably gon' be losing them
switch up my pseudonym
son of jerusalem's diaspora
tap thoughts back to louisville with that bat of aluminum

i tiptoe on the top of a thin rope
between what is en vogue and shit for my kinfolk
never had trouble getting honeys to disrobe
the flag on my pistol says y’all getting rickrolled

can y’all put the coke down?
the spirit's in the stones, i’m the talk of the ghost town
we are hope seekers
walking through a river of blood with no sneakers
and we’re lost in the foreground

you're looking right at us
acting like a maybach passing by an old dodge stratus
hey, yo, we’re live from the nation of the baddest
the angelina and the braddest
and we smile through the sadness

Track Name: (BONUS) Not Like That f Akie Bermiss (Video Version)

oh, you ain't loving them hoes
it's obvious, though
cause if you did, you wouldn't be calling them hoes
i've had it up to my sack
with those who hijack
the image of a modern man who always got his wife's back

i was made by my mother and raised by my mother
so, if i love a woman then i say that i love her
i mean, the audacity to say that we're tougher
when a child comes out of them and they still recover

when a man's afraid, i don't say he's a pussy
it's 2011 and you ain't eating pussy?
c'mon it's fun as fuck, just to see her coming, plus
let her finish first, i don't mind being the runner-up

after it's over, i'm grabbing her closer
you're baffled, perhaps understand when you're older
i act right, meaning never act like i own her
cause that's what i'm supposed to do


oh god, it's such an honor just to meet with you
i even picked a real fucking raw beat for you
if i made a club banger, it would make me stacks
but i know you got a brain to match, not brain like that


i felt heartbreak that would make you cut up your wrists
and learned the hard way, just 'bout any love is a risk
see, it'll go hand-in-hand like a knuckle and fist
but ain't a problem in the world that a punch gonna fix

shit, women cheat and make us jealous a bit
but that's like hearing the pot calling the kettle a dick
it's childish, like some of y'all ain't never been kissed
without it being just another step to legs getting split

i was told i'm the center of her universe
a level that a few reserve, but never sweated losing her
you would think I'm lucifer, nah I wasn't grown enough
wasn't even soul enough, back then I was noah with a shoulder shrug

that flooded tear ducts in a worn-out eye
i'd be like, "cheer up, shorty, cause it's warm outside"
couldn't fathom the agony 'til i brought out mine
now what i've got's better than whatever more I'll find