Acknowledgement EP

by Soul Khan

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this is the first of a series of four EP collaborations between soul khan and different producers, beginning with brown bag allstars' deejay element. the theme of this project is self-worth.


released April 28, 2011

all production by deejay element except "soul like khan," produced by j57
all lyrics by soul khan except for portions by marv won on "black hammer, white lightning"
recorded by j57
mixed by dylan margerum and audible doctor
cover artwork by marink d
contact for media and booking


all rights reserved



Soul Khan Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn based MC, member of Brown Bag Allstars.

Email for interviews & collabs.

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Track Name: Meant to Be f Akie Bermiss

don't waste your time
with all the things you've never done
there ain't no prize
for the best that never was
i made my life
broken hearts and lonely nights
can't change my mind
this is who i'm meant to be


now can i get an amen from the people of earth
cause i know y'all ain't getting all the things you deserve
whether you kneeling with the imam or seated in church
i'mma die before i let you put your dream in reverse

mow, i apologize if that sounds a little corny
i'm just trying to wipe away the tears from your cornea
so you can stand strong when nobody's supporting you
you ain't gotta fire one shot to be a warrior

i been in that tunnel where the lights stop
stomach in a tight knot
wondering if got a second chance
i bit the bullet like i'm tai mak
so when they put me in a pine box,
they can say i was a better man

you might forget it for now cause you ain't ever allowed
to let the rest of your body follow your head in the clouds
i'm here to bury my regrets in the ground
and stay smiling while I'm wilding with my testicles out



see if it wasn't for rap, then i'd have prolly been in politics,
with headlines in the times and the economist
i'd be a shelltoed version of wellstone
committed to help folks that otherwise would call it quits

if i never got threatened by the school lockers
i never would have turned into such a smooth talker
back then i let 'em win like they were chewbacca
it's only worth a few notches if they tupac ya

to the females that made me a fool
and to every bartenders that gave me a stool
might have been a long trip but you gave me the fuel
so i could stay fly like the avian flu

if I hadn't gone to college for that fast life
maybe i'd have been with my grandma on her last night
but she said i'd be the greatest
so that means that when you play this then all you do is prove that she was damn right

Track Name: Speeding Bullets f Akie Bermiss
one morning i became different
no warning i was soaring with no plane ticket
and so strong could throw cars like the game winning pitch
or play chicken with a train with its brakes missing

now i’m flying mach 5 like i’m daytripping
and i love this rhyme scheme, so i ain’t switching
see i'mma start small, maybe save a stray kitten
then slap every cat-caller that degrades women

i’d teleport the drug felons to the outside
and keep another young mind away from ‘caine sniffing
i’ll take the medicine away from the housewives
and then give the pain pills back to pain-stricken

i’d rebuild a city soon as a quake hit it
and fix the next town over while the paint’s dripping
hold the globe on my back, fuck a weight limit
but it don’t matter to me if my lois lane’s missing

look up into the sky
i'm just too fast for human eyes
and if you knew what lies
behind these glasses, suit, and tie
i need a new diguise
'cause if i fail, then who will die?
wish i could catch these, could catch these
could catch these speeding bullets

the other side is a crooked account
the last product of a planet that they couldn't pronounce
he was super role model that they used to hold onto
went from just say no to smoking kush on the couch

he turned into a renegade like lorenzo lamas
no ponytail but still rocking the leather garments
used to subdue the villains but he'd never harm 'em
now he snap necks laughin when he dead and gone 'em

every night peepin tom with his x-rays
jerking off at home like the world is a sextape
his landlord now knocking cause the rent's late
so he shake em by the ankles til his legs brake

he could have made the world into a comfortable place
life gave him lemons so he threw a punch in its face
we all have been told that power corrupts
so what you gonna be when your hour is up?

hook, bridge, cuts
Track Name: Black Hammer, White Lightning f Marv Won
soul khan:
i know how it to go from an alto
to outcast like a dude out in some southpole
i smile like al roker as i lounge in my alcove
sonny, i will crush your horsepower to alpo

far as the q and a, skip it for the interviews
this is not the interim or filler for the interludes
or outros, it's a household remedy
for anything you sweating or been living through

i'm kinda skinny
but i'm still broad shouldered enough
for me to throw your broad over and fuck
i should crossover?
please, homie, cross over to what?
that's a nice way of telling me to openly suck

but i'm tired of the same set of gimmicks
and how you motherfuckers all sound alike
y'all reminding me of game 7 tickets
if you play the big wig, then you gonna get scalped tonight

see it's about time that you learn what you've been missing
with them screwface drums that be murdering your system
ill, how ill? it's a terminal condition
we the most raw from the borough to the mitten

marv won:

Track Name: Alec Baldwin

listen, i'm not the man that you sadly mistake
for anything lesser than the freshest rapper to date
i'm on the highway to hell in this planet of apes
with a six six six on the vanity plates

to all of my adoring public, i have come here to state
it ain't the candy, it's the caddy engine under the paint
and these motherfuckers still wanna rumble with fate
i'm a bad son of a, wait, my mother's a saint

got selenas on my aquafina, fiending for a drop to beat the heat
i squeeze and pop between 'em, leaning like i copped the pisa tower for some pocket pita,
you know i'm off the meter, if time's money, i'm lucky i got an ocarina

daddy's home from the catacombs
and he got a bag of bones of those that couldn't leave a man alone
kings die, you could have the throne
but if there's beef, treat my penis like a saxophone



it's a catch 22 being that funny dude
'cause you had 'em all ears till you spat something true
i kick the science of it like my man, honeydew
what's the point of shining if they can't bask under you

we bubbling,' cause we ain't got another second to waste
they wondering, who in the heck would carve an “s” in his face
it's troubling, how they be falling off like eczema flakes
next millenium, i'm either gon' be dead or in space

an old soul similar to the man and the sea
so at the seances they all be channeling me
as i walk in the park where the cannibals breed
if i take a shot in the dark, the shadows'll bleed

i got some marlboro miles i've been waiting to spend
and a mind full of evil shit like reagan's depends
so double down if you placing your ends
on me cause my paper and pen are an ace and a ten

Track Name: Soul Like Khan (Video Version)

i'm a hell of a geek with intelligent speech
small time but my skills will embellish my reach
fuck the upscale life and the elegant eats
just a grilled cheese and french friends and tell me it's cheap

got the flavor of apollo creed with a plate of collard greens
trying to separate the good and bad from my father's genes
though the better part of me should bury the past
i can't forget the sweat of the woman that carried his ass

she saved and scraped while he was still jobless
she gave us faith while he was still godless
she made mistakes but still remained modest
while he straight escaped while we were unconscious

so now i fear nothing except maybe becoming
the man that made me and then left like it was nothing
a boy shouldn't ever have to be so grown
but when daddy ain't a daddy, got to be your own


i ain't the kind of man to hold my tongue
but sometimes i'm the only one
even if you've been where i'm from
you'll never know a soul like khan
i might sleep on that gravy train
but best believe i'mma stay the same
and y'all can eat off the weight i gain
you'll never know a soul like khan


i throw a penny in the well without wishing
in hopes that it floats with another's ambition
i was always told that small change is still change
caked up or broke down, y'all pain is still pain

i fall in love as easily as breathing
they feel it for a minute, too, but leave me in a season
i've been dropped in the autumn and frozen out in winter
outgrown in the spring and in summer burnt to cinders

i poke my nose where it doesn't belong
in your life, in your speakers, or the front of a thong
we all got some skeletons under our lawn
and my bones poke out so my shovel's a song

i crack a joke at a sucker's expense
but he's just another dude trying to cover the rent
and who am i to judge i'm a god damned mess
but if y'all still listening, i'm god damned blessed


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